Welcome to learn yoga online !!! We have designed a curriculum where the whole of the 200 hours course is split into theory and practical , you will do the theoretical part by viewing the lectures online and filling up the short questioner at the end of each video. Each video will be approximately 60 minutes.

Our practical classes will be done two locations in our studio in Dubai and also in India. You can choose any one of this location. We have a set of 150+ postures taught in a detailed way on how to instruct, demonstrate, adjust and assist students of all levels in our signature way.

We had done a through research to make this learning experience realistic so that you don't miss anything what you learn on a face to face yoga training, the online part will be less than 60 hours and the face to face practical class will be 140 hours, and those who want to have doubts on the online classes will be given additional 10 hours to interact with Dr.Kasi in the online and live Q&A sessions.

Our instructions are very clear and specific to all individual needs.

To check the free introductory video and to know more about the course register for free here

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